How Do I Prepare For A Window Installation?

If you think that it’s time to replace your windows – for any of the reasons above, or if you simply want something new – there are a few essentials to consider when preparing for a Mayfield window installation and replacement. 

Consider Your Budget

Make sure you’ve thought about the amount you have to spend on your windows, and make sure you keep a little extra aside for any bumps in the road. Bear in mind that with windows, it’s important not to compromise on cost: although keeping things cheap may feel attractive, the more you spend on quality frames and good double-glazing the longer they’ll maintain.

Consider The Time

Window installation and replacement take time, and while you can still use the rooms that are having the work done, they’ll of course be colder and less comfortable. Think about having work done in warmer months if you can to minimize any uncomfortable days at home. 

If you’re having more than one set of windows replaced, think about how you can change up your living arrangements to suit this. Generally, windows don’t take too long to install and are done in one day, but as work could run over a few days if you’re having different windows replaced, make sure you’ve planned accordingly. 

Prepare Your Home

When the big day comes, ensure that your space is ready to be worked on. Make sure to deactivate any alarm systems hooked up to your windows, and clear the work area so that your contractor has good access. Cover any furniture nearby to protect it from dust, and make sure to keep any pets or children away from the area as the contractors work. The clearer the space, the quicker the work can be done, and you’ll have your new windows in no time. 

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